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Related article: Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 04:19:55 -0800 (PST) From: Max Subject: After Bedtime Lessons part threeDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Do not try to do these things in real life.Comments appreciated, email me at priapus2000adyahoo.com. After Bedtime Lessons part three I lay back on my bed and folded my arms behind my head; putting down an old Playboy I found in a stack of magazines on the nightstand and wondered what sort of adventures I might experience that night with my eight- year old son Danny. Here I am, I thought to myself, looking at Playboy with the door open and my son in the next room. It was quite a change from what I had been used to before we started jacking off together. I would never have dared to be so open about having, much less looking, at some porn when Danny had first moved in with me as part of my shared custody of him with my ex-wife. Looking at the Playboy had gotten me a little hard and thinking about my experiences with Danny had gotten me even harder. Feeling very free and not worried about being seen by Danny, I started to rub my cock though the new fabric of the white briefs I had purchased that day while shopping at JCPenny for Danny and myself. I had come across them in the underwear department and immediately recognized them as the same brand Danny usually wears, when he isn't wearing the kind with Superman or some cartoon character on them. It felt very arousing buying them, my first matching pair of father and son briefs, from the unsuspecting clerk who would never know about my sexual experiment with my son. Wearing them was also very arousing; I had forgotten how good the snug briefs felt around my cock and balls. I was getting anxious for Danny to call me into his room so I could tuck him in and hopefully have one of out father/son jackoff sessions together. I was contemplating just getting up and going to him with the bulge in my white cotton briefs leading the way when in charged the little slugger himself. He was also wearing just his white briefs and he had a telltale bulge in the front. "So Dan the man," I said as my giggling boy jumped onto the bed with me, "what do you want?" Reaching for his little bulge I gave it a playful squeeze. This sent him into a new fit of giggling and he lay on his back with his legs spread so I could continue fondling his hardon through the soft fabric. "Huh? Huh? Do you want your weiner tickled? Is that it?" I teased as I massaged his nice little package as wiggled and squealed in delight. "It's called a penis." He informed me. "P-E-N-I-S!" he added, spelling it out for my benefit. "Oh yeah, that's right. Penis." I said feigning ignorance. "And here it is!" I exclaimed as I pulled the front of his briefs down, letting his eager boycock spring out. "Hey," Danny exclaimed " you gots underwear just like mine!" "I sure do. Got'em just today. Now we match. See, they even feel the same." I said as I took his hand and placed it on the bulge in my shorts. Danny softly stroked my cock through the fabric. I was glad that Danny noticed and seeing us both in the same underwear together gave me another one of my ideas. Fooling around with my son sure brought out the creativity in me. First I pulled his shorts back up, letting his erection create a little white pup tent in front. Then I lay back down and had Danny straddle me with his hard cock pressing on top of mine. Danny immediately caught on and started to rub little boner against his Daddy's bigger boner. The soft cotton of our briefs allowed us to sensuously grind our cocks together. We both started to moan as Danny slid back and forth across his Daddy's big penis, his little butt bumping against my balls. I put my hands on his waist so I could push him down on me even harder and increase the pressure. "Uuuuh Daddy uuuh Daddy," Danny moaned as his face contorted with pleasure. "That's it baby keep it up for Daddy keep it up for Daddy. Keep pushin'. That's a good boy." "Uuuuuh Uuuuuh Daddy....ohohoh ...." I could tell by the sounds Danny was making that he was very close to popping his cork. He could barely stay on me and I had to hold him tight to keep him in place: his cock rubbing against Underage Preteen Sex mine separated by two thin sheets of cloth. I held on tight and kept the pressure on, making him squeal louder. "Daddy knows your cummin' baby Daddy knows." I assured him. I felt his little body shudder as he orgasmed. His body went limp, but I kept my firm grip on him and held him in place as Underage Preteen Sex I continued to push up against his cock. He quickly regained his strength and resumed his own thrusting, trying to help me cum, Daddy's little trooper. "Lookit Danny look.... I'm shootin' though my shorts." I yelled as I came. Sure enough my cum was erupting thought the fabric, shooting out an inch or two. Danny laughed at the sight of it. "Cool!" he said as he looked down and watched me shoot my load through my underwear. I closed my eyes and savored the last of my orgasm, while Danny considerately took of his own shorts and used them to wipe my spunk off me. He carefully pulled my briefs down and toweled off my cum drenched cock. "Mmmm.... you're such a good boy. Come give Daddy a kiss." I said opening my eyes. Danny eagerly crawled into my arms and planted a big wet kiss right on my mouth. I hugged him tight, reveling in the feel of our naked bodies pressed together. Pressing my mouth to his I passionately returned Danny's kiss. We lay there for several minutes just silently kissing each other. When we had finished kissing Danny scooted down a bit so that his cock was over mine. He carefully aligned his little boycock over mine before laying back down letting our limp penises press together. Then he laid his head on my chest and started to relax as if he were going to fall asleep. The sensation of our two spent dicks touching each other created a mild erotic buzz that spread throughout my body. I didn't think I would get hard again soon so I decided to just relax until Danny fell asleep. Danny sighed as I started to stroke his bare back and little butt. Just as I thought he was going to go to sleep he lifted his head and pointed towards something in the tangle of bed sheets next to us. "Hey.... what's that?" He asked as he reached for the object of his attention. Danny quickly scooted off of me and started to dig though the sheets for whatever had caught his eye. From the tangle of bed sheets he pulled out the Playboy I had be looking at before he came in. "Can I look at it Daddy?" He asked holding the magazine up by one corner, letting it fall open and the centerfold fan out. "Sure sport. Have at it." I turned over on to my side and watched with growing interest as my son leafed through the pages of the gentleman's magazine. He sat on his knees as he studiously perused the previously forbidden pages. The Playboy so engrossed him that he didn't even notice his dick spring back to life. How I envied him with his little dick pointing towards the ceiling. I begun to realize how much I wished my own Dad had let me look his porn mags with him, what a great bonding experience that would have been. "Hey sport, why don't you bring that over here and let Daddy have a look at it too?" I rolled over onto my stomach and Danny stretched out next to me. We placed the Playboy in front of us and started to leaf through it from the beginning, taking turns flipping the pages. Pretty soon we came upon a pictorial of some naked ladies lounging around a fancy hotel suite. We stopped turning the pages to examine a photo of a hot brunette in crotchless panties tip a surprised bellboy. "I bet he'd like to fuck her," I said, deciding it was time to introduce Danny to some "locker room talk", "really bang that pussy hard. Don't you think Dan?" "Umm you said some naughty words Daddy," my scandalized son informed me. "Yes, those are naughty words and you must never say them to your mother or at school, but it's ok to say them around me. It's just how guys talk sometimes. C'mon say FUCK!" "Well..." he hesitated. "It's ok Dan the man. Do you know what fuck means?" I asked. "It's when a man sticks his penis in a woman's 'gina. Some older boys at school call it screwing." He explained. "That's right Dan. Screwing or Fucking aren't bad things. Underage Preteen Sex Try saying it," I encouraged him. "Fuck fuck fuck FUCK!" Danny said amidst a minor giggling fit. When Danny recovered he decided to show off to me all the dirty works he already knew. While he was doing this I started to feel my dick perk up again and decided to slowly hump the mattress for some extra stimulation. "Pussy....ass....titties..." Danny said as he pointed to the body parts. "Ohh, titties? You like titties do you? Which ones are your favorites?" "Hers," Danny exclaimed turning to the centerfold: a sexy blond with humongous tits. We unfolded the centerfold picture and admired the buxom blond. Danny traced his index finger reverentially over the curves of the model. He paused before touching her blond bush, as if she might protest, before carefully stroking the image. This increased my arousal and I started to hump the mattress slightly harder. "Dad? Watcha doing?" Danny asked, noticing my ass pump up and down and the bed start to shake a little. "I'm pretending that I'm fucking her hairy pussy. Guys do that when they look at their Playboys and stuff. It feels good, why don't you try it?" I could feel Danny start to hump next to me and pretty soon we were humping in unison. "Daddy's thinking about putting his mouth on one of those big titties and giving 'em a good sucking. The ladies like it when you do that," I explained, " You'd like to suck on the other one I bet." "Umm, yummy," he replied, making slurping sounds. "That's right boy, suck that tit while Daddy fucks the daylights outta her. Oh yeah, take that bitch!" I closed my eyes and listened to Danny make those sucking sounds until I became fully lost in the fantasy. The mattress started to squeak as my humping became more intense as if I really were banging some cunny while my son suckled her breast. " AH! I'm cummin' Dan, I'm cummin'." "Go Daddy," Danny encouraged, " fuck her good." That sent me over the edge and I shot my load off, leaving a small pool on cum beneath me. As I caught my breath, Danny decided to continue leafing through the magazine. Eventually he came across a page of raunchy jokes and tried my best to explain them to him as he was reading them. Danny thought they were funny and tried to memorize a couple to tell his friends. "Hey Daddy, what's this word? Blowjob. Blowjob." "Well, it's when....uh...." I stammered, unsure of how to explain it. Suddenly an idea came to mind. "Hey, lie and you back and let me show you." Danny eagerly complied and turned over, his dick sticking straight up. I pushed the pillows and Playboy aside so I could slide him to the head of the bed and have some room to lie down and get my head between his legs. I was going to give my son his first blowjob I had decided. "You're gonna love this," I said with a wink. I had been sucked off by guys and gals before but had never sucked off another guy myself and wasn't sure how I should start. Remembering the best blowjob I had ever gotten, from my football coach in high school, I decided to recreate the techniques of Coach Anderson as best I could. Spreading Dan's legs a Underage Preteen Sex bit further apart for better access I stuck my tongue out and licked from the base of his little nutsack to the tip of his throbbing boycock. Danny shrieked in delight as I did this and then gasped in surprise as I engulfed his entire dick in my mouth. As I sucked his little peter I started to moan with pleasure, a deep rumbling that vibrated throughout Danny's small body. The vibrations drove him wild and he started to thrash about as he started his own moaning. This was fun I realized, I enjoyed giving another guy pleasure this way. "You're mother didn't make half as much noise when I used to eat her pussy out," I teased as I lifted my mouth off from Danny's cock to get a better look at the expression on his face. He wasn't even looking at me, just staring dazed at the ceiling, and I don't think he heard me as well. All he knew is that I had stopped sucking his cock and he tried to remedy that by placing his hand on the back of my head and feebly trying to push it back down on his cock. "Well, I think that's enough for now," I said, my mouth a mere inch from his spit soaked boner, "consider that a small sample." Danny continued to try to push me back on his cock and howled in frustration when I resisted. Teasing the glans of his penis with the tip of my tongue I couldn't help but start to laugh at his futile attempts to get me to renew sucking. "DADDY!!!" he pleaded, "Daddy please...." Finally I relented and sucked his little boyhood back into my mouth so hard I nearly lifted him off the bed. Danny sighed in relief and resumed moaning with pleasure. I slobbered all over his cock, wrapping my tongue around it and thoroughly enjoying it's tastes and textures. I enjoyed sucking cock just as much as I enjoyed eating pussy I discovered. Danny's voice was growing hoarse from all the hollering my mouth was making him do so I decided I needed to help him cum real soon. His little body just couldn't take any more pleasuring I decided. I started to bob my head up and down on his aching boner with greater speed. He started to buck and thrash his hips about in wild abandon and I could tell he was real close. Just then I remembered something Coach Anderson did that really sent me over the edge. With one my right hand I steadied his rocking pelvis, so I could maintain the same sucking rhythm and with my left hand I dipped the pinkie finger into the small pool of cum I had deposited on the mattress earlier while having my fantasy m�nage with Danny and the centerfold. I got the pinkie nice and wet with my spunk and gently placed it against Danny's little rosebud of an asshole. I didn't insert the finger, just gently massaged his sensitive hole with my cum-lubed finger. This did it to him. As soon as he felt his Daddy's pinkie on his hole his body just froze up. I kept sucking up and down on his cock and rubbing the magic spot, Underage Preteen Sex feeling his body tense up like a cat getting ready to jump, knowing what was coming. "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Danny screamed as his back arched so strongly that he nearly pushed me off, "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" My mouth stayed gently clamped on his pecker while he came, I wasn't going to relent until his orgasm was finished. His little butt was kept suspended in midair as I sucked him off the mattress. I growled deeply, so deep that it tickled the very base of his cock and suspended his orgasm. Suddenly, I felt his little butthole open up a little and the very tip of my cum lubed finger slipped right in. Just as orgasmic cry was beginning to subside I started to finger fuck him a little with my pinkie, pushing another orgasm out of him. I held my head motionless and let him thrust his dick up in and out of my mouth; possessed by this second orgasm. "Ahahahah," he whimpered like a little puppy as the second orgasm drained out of him. I let my finger slide out but kept my mouth on him until I could feel his dick start to go soft. I waited for his panting to subside before scooping him up into my arms and holding him to my chest. "Did you like that? Did you like you first blowjob baby?" "Uh huh," he answered, " I did." I kissed his forehead and stroked his hair as he fell into a deep sleep in my arms. When he fell asleep I laid him out beside me and run my fingers all over his spent body. I became hard yet again and I jacked off right next to him, quietly so as not to wake him. I aimed my dick at his limp cock, still moist from my mouth, and sprayed my jism all over his crotch. Then I gently massaged it into his genital until it dried. In the morning I would wake him up with another blowjob as I licked it off. Underage Preteen Sex
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